“The Age Of Chill”
43,850 BC- Oct 2010
Snowmass Village Colorado

Bison Skull

The skull of a Giant Bison

Located deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, at an elevation of 8,300 ft above sea  level, Snowmass Village Colorado is best know as the premier ski area in North America. On Oct 14th 2010, Jessie Steele an inquisitive bull dozer operator working on the Ziegler Reservoir project for Snowmass Water and Sanitation, accidently discovered “……one of the most significant paleontology sites in North American history”.  Winter closed in rapidly, allowing only 3-4 weeks of initial exploration, yet the excavation revealed numerous Ice Age Mastodons, Mammoths and a vast array of  prehistoric Ice Age animals from the Pleistocene.  Over 600 hundred bones, including skeltons of Giant Bison, Jefferson Ground Sloth, Deer, Tiger salamanders,  snails, plant material, and flora from as long as 150,000 years ago have been recovered.  The fossil evidence has been sent to Denver for preservation and careful drying in a  labratory controlled environment. This discovery has opened a fantastic glimpse into the last “Age of Chill”.  The Mega Fauna has been deemed to be radio carbon dead, meaning that the material has lost its’ carbon dating signature, estimated to be no younger than 45-50 thousand years old. The last great mammals of the  Ice Age  have risen from their ancient resting place in the form of perfectly preserved skeletons. This accidental paleontology laboratory has produced a wealth of bones and other priceless pieces of ancient ice age history. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science www.DMNS.org is charged with the difficult and delicate task of excavating these treasures. A truly fantastic group of dedicated professionals and volunteers who dig around in the muck to provide us with an incredible glimpse into the Rocky Mountain Ice Age.

Massive leg bones from a juvenile Columbian Mammoth

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What comes next? In the spring of 2011, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science team will be returning to Snowmass Village. The goal of the spring excavation will be to map and record the abundant wealth of fossil evidence for further study.  The Ziegler reservoir construction project will progress through early July, at which time the reservoir will be refilled.  How will this paleo treasure be treated in the future? Accorfding to Dr. Kirk Johnson and the Denver Paleo team, returning the site to it’s reservoir status will preserve any remaining fossils that may be left at the 13 acre lake bed.  This maybe the best way to conserve and preserve the Ziegler pond dig and its’ significance to Snowmass Village and the Roaring Fork Valley. Our contact us page has a spot for comments.


Tusks of various mammoths and mastodons have been recovered. Some almost completely intact and preserved in a white condition.

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